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Renovate or Sell As-Is?

Updated: Jun 28

Sooner or later, almost everyone who owns a home starts thinking about the same thing – Should I remodel before selling a home? It’s a sensible, logical thought. And it makes sense to give the idea serious consideration before spending the time and money on remodeling projects.

The bottom line is whether you will come out ahead. Will the cost of remodeling exceed the increase in value of your home?

Will the time and energy you invest in remodeling projects, along with the money, be worth it in the end?

These calculations are something you can look at on a spreadsheet. With accurate estimates on building materials and labor, you can figure out how much money you shall need to invest to update a kitchen or a bathroom.

But it’s a lot more difficult to make exact estimates on how much time and energy you will spend on your remodeling projects. You might start out with good intentions, or hire contractors with good intentions, but then things just do not work out as planned.

When Remodeling Plans Go Wrong

Even with signed legal contracts including estimates for materials and labor, misunderstandings between a homeowner and a contractor are quite common. Frequently, disagreements are caused by how long it takes one or more contractors to arrive and to complete their part of the job.

Exact timing requirements are rarely included in remodeling contracts.

A contractor or his workers may get sick, become hospitalized, or have family emergencies requiring out-of-state travel. Contractors operating as small businesses don’t have other options when they lose their employees, which means homeowners will experience unintended delays on their projects.

Worse than delays, shoddy workmanship, or no workmanship at all is next on the list of common home remodeling problems. If you have heard horror stories about remodeling projects gone wrong you are already on notice that it could happen to you, too.

The best way to know for sure that you are hiring reputable construction, electrical, and plumbing contractors is to start out with a referral from someone you trust, and then speak to their satisfied customers. Checking out reviews on the web is one way to get referrals, but in-person references are even better.

How to Avoid a Remodel Before Selling a Home

It is possible to find buyers who want to do their own remodeling. If you look for the right kind of buyer, you can avoid the costs and the hassles of remodeling.

We are cash buyers purchasing houses AS-IS. It means you do not need to stress out about upcoming remodeling projects, dealing with contractors, spend thousands of dollars on repairs.

If you need to sell your house AS-IS, and sell it FAST, look no further. Please, contact us at 919-444-8778 and one of our experts will evaluate your property within a few hours and walk you through the entire process.

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